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We Fight Harder

Krav Maga International (KMI) delivers the most innovative, hardcore and comprehensive Krav Maga training program in the planet.

It is designed not just to teach theory, but to build unstoppable fighters.


If you’re committed to becoming an extraordinary Krav Maga practitioner and instructor, you belong with us! Krav Maga International (KMI) is the Krav Maga elite. Founded by the people who lead the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Krav Maga program, KMI is everything you expect when you think of a battle-tested fighting system that provides real solutions to real threats. Our program is the most innovative, hardcore, and comprehensive Krav Maga training program. We take you beyond theory. We make you into a fighter. With our first-hand experience leading IDF Krav Maga training and certification programs, we provide the most effective and practical hand-to-hand training program anywhere. 

With us, you become more than a martial artist. Mastery and accuracy in complex techniques are great in the dojo, but we take you out into the real world, where the stress of sudden life-or-death situations makes complex motor skills impossible. Our emphasis on simplicity means you train on a tighter and more focused syllabus. Our training system focuses on SKILL, STRENGTH, and developing real FIGHTING EXPERIENCE, that prepares you for the worst. 

KMI - simple, versatile, and devastatingly effective.

Our instructor team holds top Krav Maga positions in Israel, responsible for IDF Krav Maga training, development, and certifying IDF Krav Maga instructors. We also train Krav Maga division instructors for Israel’s law enforcement, security, and VIP protection units for both government and private enterprise


Driven by pure raw intensity and determination, this fighting machine has positioned himself among the top fighters in the world.

Ron Engelman

Elite Krav Maga instructor and IDF combat veteran knows what it takes to train soldiers and lead them in combat. 

Itay Danenberg

A force in the Krav Maga world, with intensity and dominance, nothing could stop his rise to the top.

Training Methodology 

At KMI, you benefit from our experience training fighters and certifying instructors. In our courses, you go through a truly unique and comprehensive training program, combining battle-tested techniques with the most relevant street-based tactics. With us, you focus on building athlete-level fitness and power, and developing combat soldier toughness. You emerge on the other side of our programs as a versatile and devastatingly effective fighter, ready to teach others the same.


With us, you begin with fighting basics, punching, kicking, and wrestling techniques, developing the most relevant and effective fighting skills. You then progress to complex problems, including facing armed attackers, protecting loved ones, and fighting multiple attackers. To maximize your chances under stress in real-life emergencies, we emphasize simplicity and effectiveness. 


Krav Maga was developed for IDF soldiers, who train hard and reach high levels of fitness. To become a KMI instructor, to be a fighter, you have to be fit. At KMI, you work hard, using our cutting-edge training methods, including some of the same drills and tests the IDF uses today for its soldiers. After our courses, you have the tools and techniques to become as strong and fit as a Krav Maga instructor should be. 


To be truly effective in Krav Maga, you need the character traits of a fighter – persistence, determination, and courage. The only way to prepare for a fight is to train and gain practical fighting experience. KMI’s programs help you forge your character and body through hard work and experience. At KMI, you gradually and systematically go through full-contact training exercises and sparring, in a safe and responsible manner that makes even the toughest drills approachable. Completing our courses helps you keep a level head, functioning practically under stress, and responding effectively when caught off-guard. These qualities are crucial to surviving attacks, whether you’re a soldier, a police officer, or a civilian.

KMI’s program is the most innovative, hardcore, and comprehensive Krav Maga training program around. We don’t just teach theory, we build fighters.

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