Krav Maga International

We Fight Harder

Krav Maga International (KMI) delivers the most innovative, hardcore and comprehensive Krav Maga training program in the planet.

It is designed not just to teach theory, but to build unstoppable fighters.


What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga translates from the Hebrew as ‘contact combat’. We think of it as the “art of going home alive”. It is not a martial art. It is a highly effective self-defense and fighting system designed to efficiently and effectively neutralize, disable or subdue an opponent. Its fighting principals are based on constant motion and simultaneous defense and offense. Relying on instinct to provide strength under pressure, its movements employ strikes, holds, blocks, locks and grabs and the use of ‘weapons of opportunity’, i.e. whatever may be at-hand to both prevent and deter an attack. Krav Maga is the official self-defense and combat fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), including its elite military units. It is used around the world by military, law enforcement and security organizations for its widely acknowledged realistic and superior techniques to protect and preserve life when under threat. Krav Maga was developed by the IDF in the early 1950s after the establishment of the State of Israel, to train soldiers to defend themselves under high pressure in even the most violent combat and threat situations. The fighting methods which became Krav Maga were initially introduced by a Slovakian immigrant to Israel named Imi Lichtenfeld, considered the ‘founder’ of Krav Maga. Imi became the IDF’s school of combat fitness first chief instructor of physical fitness. He retired from the military in 1964, but his name is still frequently mentioned within Krav Maga training circles for his contributions to developing and disseminating the training. While Krav Maga has been around for nearly 70 years, it has only more recently become known in the U.S. Its use in film fight scenes have made the fight system more prominent. Krav Maga has been practiced by such international stars as Daniel Craig in Skyfall, Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4, Jeremy Renner in the Bourne Legacy and Jennifer Lopez in Enough. The skills honed in Krav Maga can also be adapted to a high-intensity sport and fitness regime, in addition to its real-world applications. The methods and tactics of Krav Maga have continued to evolve. Based in Israel, KMI is the leading authority and top-ranked military provider of Krav Maga. Its founders represent the Chief Commanders and Top Instructors of today’s IDF. KMI provides training, certification and maintenance services for military and civilian organizations and individuals around the globe.


Who are KMI?

Direct from Israel, Krav Maga International is the highest ranked and most advanced military Krav Maga authority in the world, using concepts and methods developed by and used by today’s IDF. KMI has for more than a decade been training and instructing military, law enforcement, counter-terrorist and security agencies in Krav Maga, as well as civilian organizations and VIP clients worldwide. KMI is on the front-lines bringing real world skills to real world situations. KMI’s senior level personnel consist of the IDF’s Krav Maga chief commanders, leading instructors and commanders, and senior advisors and reserve personnel responsible for the entire military, including the IDF’s elite Special Forces and counter terrorism units. KMI is an internationally recognized leading training and credentialing authority in the highest levels of Krav Maga. KMI represents the art and skill of Krav Maga as it is currently being applied in the field, in real-world combat and self-defense situations. KMI has also developed and executes training programs for combat fitness as well as sport Krav Maga, an intense program to challenge fitness enthusiasts at all levels.

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