Krav Maga International

We Fight Harder

Krav Maga International (KMI) delivers the most innovative, hardcore and comprehensive Krav Maga training program in the planet.

It is designed not just to teach theory, but to build unstoppable fighters.

To be the best, train with the best! Our senior staff hold the top Krav Maga positions in the military and law enforcement organizations of Krav Maga’s country of origin – Israel! Our trainers certify Israel Defense Force (IDF) Krav Maga instructors. Gain instant credibility when they certify you!


Certification in teaching the fundamentals of Krav Maga.

Certification in teaching intermediate Krav Maga.

Certification in teaching advanced Krav Maga.

Transfer instructor certification from non-KMI Krav Maga organization.

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