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Krav Maga International (KMI) delivers the most innovative, hardcore and comprehensive Krav Maga training program in the planet.

It is designed not just to teach theory, but to build unstoppable fighters.

Tel Aviv - JUNE 18-24, 2017


Krav Maga practitioners of all levels will be flying into Israel from across the globe to to participate in the KMI combat training camp. This Combat Camp as a unique experience to train with the top Krav Maga Experts including Itay Dannenberg, Ron Engelman, Dany Netzer and Ran Nakash. Instructed by the trainers that develop and deliver the Krav Maga programs in the Israeli military and government.

Training throughout the camp is held in different environments and locations including the beach, in water, in the forest, in confined spaces and at night-time to experience training in low light conditions.

The Combat Camp covers ALL levels of Krav Maga with rank specific techniques. Participants will also train in various sectors of Krav Maga, including military & law enforcement. At the end of the camp, there is a chance to test for your next rank.


Itay Dannenberg: IDF military Krav Maga Instructor. Senior trainer at the IDF school for Krav Maga Instructors. Head Instructor of the training program for body guards of the members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the Knesset itself.

Ron Engelman: Founder and chief instructor of the Krav Maga Defence Institute. Sergeant in the Israeli Paratroopers. Fought in the Second Lebanese War and numerous counter-terror operations in the west bank. IDF military Krav Maga Instructor.

Dany Netzer: Current commander and chief instructor of the of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga division. Responsible for the development and the delivery of Krav Maga training to all units of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

Ran Nakash: Former commander and chief instructor of the of the Israel Defense Force Krav Maga division. Senior Krav Maga advisor to the IDF. Professional boxer, WBO world title challenger, ranked top 10 in the world (cruiserweight division). 10 time Israel kickboxing champion. 


Accommodation is in Tel Aviv. We have established a partnership with a select few hotels in Tel Aviv near the beach.

We recommend staying in the centre of Tel Aviv near the beach. Hotel rooms start at US$100 per night. We can help you find a fellow participant to share a room with. 


Themed morning training


Afternoons rank training and curriculum review

Evening lectures (on a variety of topics such as Fighting, Security, VIP protection & Military Krav Maga)  


What is the necessary experience? Throughout the camp, participants will be split into levels according to their experience. This training program is suitable for all levels of experience from beginners up to experienced Krav Maga instructors.

What should I bring? Comfortable clothing to train in (June is the beginning of summer in Israel). Bathing suit, hat and sunscreen. Protective gear: Boxing gloves, groin guard, mouth guard (we also have gear for available for purchase).


Booking Deposit: US$300 

Total Costs: US$850 (Complete balance due by the start of the course ($850 - $300= $550)


2016 - TEL AVIV - JUNE 19-25

2017 - TEL AVIV - JUNE 18-24

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  • Early Bird Price - $850
  • Deposit - $300
  • Remaining balance due on the first day of training ($850-$300=$550)
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Following the approval of this application, you will be requested to make a down payment in order to reserve your place.

See you in Israel!!!



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