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Krav Maga International (KMI) delivers the most innovative, hardcore and comprehensive Krav Maga training program in the planet.

It is designed not just to teach theory, but to build unstoppable fighters.

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November Urban Combat Tactical Training Camp


November Urban Combat Tactical Training Camp

As instructors in KMI, we want to give you more because you deserve more. This is why the price for KMI instructors is 2,400USD instead of 2,900USD! And it’s all included!

This November the 20th we are lunching the first Ultimate Tactical Combat Camp in Israel. This camp is open to everyone from abroad and it's an all inclusive camp! Meaning we provide transportation to the hotels and to the training facility , accommodations, 3 meals per day + snacks and water, training shirts, full activities throughout the day and more... All you need to do is to show up and we will take care of everything else.

The camp will be in the beautiful northern part of Israel (Galil) and will include shooting, survival training, tactical training and of course a lot of Krav Maga. We will teach to work with pistols such as Glock, Jericho and with riffles such as Uzi, Tavor and M16 just the way we do it in the Israeli special forces, open field tactical drills, counter terrorism training, different combinations of Krav Maga and shooting, principles of working as a unit, basic survival skills, CQB, many scenarios, combat fitness, Hell days etc... An ultimate experience to all people who will participate. With us will be trainers who are fellow friends and soldiers from the IDF special units. Prepare yourselves and your students. KMI is going big. 

Training Material

Shooting and tactical training:

  1. Introduction to the Israeli shooting method as it being taught in the Israeli special military and law enforcement units
  2. Introduction and shooting training with diverse kind of weapons such as: Glock and Jericho pistols as well as Uzi, Tavor and M-16 rifles and more
  3. Technical weapon training
  4. Shooting and combat training that includes diverse and special scenarios
  5. Open field combat drills
  6. Implementing basic survival tools and understanding
  7. Enriching lessons on global terror, IDF, counter terrorism and more

Krav Maga and Combat training

  1. Counter terrorism
  2. Combination of hand to hand combat using firearms (defense against various weapons)
  3. Usage of weapons such as rifle and pistols as "cold" weapons
  4. Open field combat drills
  5. Special scenarios based on real and current events
  6. Team work drills leading to tactical advantage and use of firearms
  7. Enriching lessons on the Krav Maga in the IDF, analyzing recent global events and more
  8. Combat fitness
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